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Some news

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Hello, my dear readers!

Sorry for not uploading comics recently. I had some hard time at work, too much school work and some personal issues. But I relaxed on vacation last week plus I attended Akicon and had some great workshops in there, and I hope that I am relieved enough to slowly work on the comics again.

I hope that you are not too puzzled about why I sent here (and in the gallery on the main page) pictures almost every day – I want to keep my daily doodles going. The worst thing for the artist is to let your hand get lazy and to let it forget how to hold a pen. The daily doodles sketches usually take me only about twenty minutes to do. If you are thinking about trying to draw daily too – I highly recommend it! Drawing daily (at least twenty minutes) really can improve your skill in a long-term run. That I can prove in my daily doodle archive – which I keep from december 2012! Almost two years of daily doodles. I am proud of myself – at the beginning I thought that I would give up after a month.

I´m having some major exam next monday, so I am not sure if I can finish the next page in a week, but we will see. Please stay tuned!

New title and new site

New title and new site published on No Comments on New title and new site

Finally. I can say that the site migration is done. There is still some work left (re-uploading some images to the gallery, creating new banners, etc.), but the main content was moved to

It was an exhausting move, but – since I am used to work with websites – it didn’t take so much time. If you find a mistake or any error, please comment in the guestbook! I will repair it instantly.

I made a nice new logo for the comic and the new site, which you will see probably everywhere from now 😀

aelLogoCtverec300 aelLogoCtverec300B


Once again – what is new?

  • New name of the comic – Aeltarnen – it is nice, short and unique. Please feel free to use tag #aeltarnen when you sent anything connected with the comic.
  • New home site – – don´t forget to track our new RSS
  • New blog – I connected this site with my daily doodles tumblr, so expect new pictures almost every day! And more photos and blogs about comic making and illustration.

How can you help?

You can support me on Patreon! I would be very grateful and it would help me to invest more time in the comic making!


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