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Page 62 and 63… and more drows!

Page 62 and 63… and more drows! published on No Comments on Page 62 and 63… and more drows!

Since the last blog post, these two pages have been published:
page_62 page_63

And I have one more prepared for the next monday. There will be no Alltarnen strip this week again. Sorry, too little time and too low mood for making jokes.

But (!!!) I am still making drows for that wonderful challenge called Drowcember. Serisously, if you like dark elves, look at it. It is a pleasure.
So here are the drows I have drawn since the last blog post:

drow12_14 drow15 drow16 drow17 drow18 drow19bc drow20b drow_21 drow_22 drow_23 drow_26 drow_27 drow_28 drow_29

There are still two more to draw, the end of the month is getting near!

No comic pages this week (14-21/12/2015)

No comic pages this week (14-21/12/2015) published on 2 Comments on No comic pages this week (14-21/12/2015)

Sorry, there will be no comic pages this week! My exam period started and I am now buried in my textbooks and school projects. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to finish this week’s page and the next week page will be late too.

Please wish me luck with my exams!

Here, have some nice drows instead:

drow1 drow2 drow3 drow5 drow6 drow7 drow8 drow9 drow10-11 drow12

And a drow city:


Page 61 and daily doodles

Page 61 and daily doodles published on No Comments on Page 61 and daily doodles

How she loves to torture him…

The last week was very busy, but I was able to do some sketches:

2015-11-21 2015-11-222015-11-25 2015-11-24 2015-11-23  2015-11-26 2015-11-27 2015-11-28 2015-11-29
One fanart of Diexemor:
And I joined another challenge – the Drowcember:
drow1 drow2

I was able to finish the next comic page – it is already visible for my patrons on Patreon. So the next update will be on time.

A strip and more OC doodles!

A strip and more OC doodles! published on No Comments on A strip and more OC doodles!

Time is always my enemy. I wasn’t able to finish another Alltarnen strip because I promised a lecture about comics at Akicon The lecture was about preparation of hand drawn comics into a print – scanning, cleaning, texturing, lettering and so. And I wanted to make a special strip for the demonstration. You can see the result here:

I’ll have another lecture about lettering tomorrow, so there may be another random strip. We will see…

And what is more important and fills me with joy – I finished the OC october! During this challenge I had to draw a different original character every day. It was quite hard and it stole my time from drawing comics, but it was definitely worthy.
Here are the characters I’ve draw during this week:

dominic prince jack druid savil sall

Quotation and more OC doodles!

Quotation and more OC doodles! published on No Comments on Quotation and more OC doodles!

I need to make a new blog post. The last one about my sickness was too apocalyptic. I’m not completely ok now, but I managed to finish a quotation for the third chapter and a quacking which will be published tomorrow. (On regular Monday.)

I really like this page. If you compare it with the previous quotations, you can see my improvement. Yay! It seems great.

This month I am still working on that challenge – OC october. (You have to draw every day one original character you made.) I decided to rather draw character I have played in many RP campaigns – those I played too many times or those I haven’t drawn yet. My other original characters already have  enough space in my comics.

Well, the last week I finished these:
iaron richard arthaj upirka faerlin crispin drow
Six more to draw! Phew.


Big pile of news

Big pile of news published on No Comments on Big pile of news

I haven’t written any news article for a while. Many things have happened – my school started again, my websites were infected by some kind of spam, so I had to delete everything and to build them again. That slowed my drawing a lot. I still haven’t recovered everything, but the most important sites are running. And now I am ill.

So what is new? Since last blog article, I finished the second chapter and started the third:

ch2_page_57 ch3_c

I also made two new strips of that parody Alltarnen:

And I am still participating in the OC October.  (A challenge in which you have to draw a different original character every day.) This challenge is killing me. But here are my results up to date:

kena rolf orim dalmayr svetlonos aid sharess katie khar2 niathan elaiki tarnen akela nanthiel hyaril sasil vestkyne ambis