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  • awesomesauce

    Second mage got his priorities right! , vengeance is good , specially if you can see from a balcony.

    Yeah , elven race is magical to the ninth potency so letting themselves get burned and tortured by a bunch of “savage humans” is way out of question lol .

    btw : do you have a specific day that you update or is more 1 or 2 pages along the week ?

    • Yeah! The dark mages are the best! Let everyone else die! *joking* Okay, I admit. Arkaba’s Star is my favourite setting. And I love elves. The results will be… interesting.

      I usually update on Monday – a regular page, and on Friday – a parody page. Sometimes time becomes my enemy and I update a day or so later. But there should be at least one regular page every week. (And I try to daily doodle every day and upload the images to the Daily Doodle Archive

  • nroejb

    Considering and comparing with how Australian natives or Japanese Ainu or (especially) American natives fared in times of colonisation (despite the colonists being of the same species), from what we saw so far, it seems that the elves actually are almost as supperiorly civilised to humans as their propaganda claims, in comparision, some massacers at the beginning don’t seem that bad, after all humas are still around and free to move.

    • I agree, that it doesn’t seem that bad. The events portrayed in the legends happened approximately two thousand years before the actual story. The beginning of the elven colonialization was truly a massacre. However, there were some reasons why the elves left humans alive – or even made contracts with them at some parts of the continent Kierth. More detailed explanation will be part of the story, so I am not allowed to say more now. But it’s good to know that there are other lands where humans had been exterminated completely.

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