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  • Silvara

    …Anyone still here?
    I’d hope you haven’t abandoned this story…I really was eager to get to read more. But waiting on an episodic webcomic doesn’t work very good for me – it’s tricky for me to keep track of the story during long periods of time. That’s why I was waiting for reach current chapter to be concluded before I came to read, and also, comment. Still, it didn’t mean I was not interested!
    …I hope you’re doing well.

    • Yup, still here. Thank you for your support.
      I want to work on the story again, possibly will start in winter. I also want to make an explanatory post why I stopped for a while, but the reasons are half work-related or too personal to share. But I want the story to come back.

      • Diogenes von Wien

        I want that, too 🙂

        Unless a bus runs over me in the meantime, I’ll follow you 🙂

      • Diogenes von Wien

        Well? Winter has come … at least, astronomically 🙂

  • Diogenes von Wien

    I, too, hope that this will continue.

    • Silvara

      I really can’t wait for the story to get back to the Tarnen (it’s tarnen, right?) What a good idea to feature a half elf-half drow metis’ life!
      I wonder why no one else has done it before… Unless I just haven’t found the right books before?

      • Diogenes von Wien

        I really want to have the story continued at all!

        • Thank you so much for your patience. I want to continue working on the story in winter. I still love the story and use the world for my DnD games, so it’s still as living as it can be 🙂

          • JaneB

            Oh good! I look forward very much to you having more time for this story!

      • I haven’t met such a hero anywhere. People roleplay them for sure, but they are not in books. Morti used to be my RP NPC too and I decided to make his background story into a comic later.

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